Sunday, May 6, 2012

I finally got around to getting the tomato into the upside down planter.  While I had two tomato plants and two upside down planters (Topsy-Turvy brand), we decided to do it with only one plant just in case it didn't work out so well.  It was pretty easy to do.  Instead of shoving the whole plant through the whole planter, you just stick the roots up inside the planter and use this little spongy thing to hold the plant in place.  Then, you fill it up with soil.  There are some holes in the side that you can put herb plants in it so it has a tomato plant growing out the bottom and then herbs cascading down the sides.    I might get around to that one day.  It looked a little sad in the beginning of the transplant, but after a bit of water and sunshine it perked right up.  I will give you this piece of advice if you are doing this - It's a two - person job or else hang it so that it's open at about waist height.  Otherwise, you end up fighting this thing.  Also, you'll want to keep the instructions handy.  It's a simple enough little thing but the top was a two pieces and I forgot to put it on until after I hung it up and then noticed I had those two pieces "left over."  Then, took it down and then had to muck around with it to put the two pieces on after the fact and it was just kind of a pain in the neck.
I noticed today that the aloe plant has two babies not one.  I'm trying to be patient about transplanting the aloe until they get a little bigger.  The aloe looks like it's about ready to  knock the pot over but I'm afraid that if I do it now the babies won't make it.  You need to look closely to see them both.  In my next post, we're going to talk orchids.  I've been putting it off, but we are going to visit one of my Phalanopsis orchids because there is a lot going on with one of them and I thought it would be a good one to look at since it's a great showcase plant.

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