Thursday, April 5, 2012

Last night it poured and this morning I had a great opportunity to take some really cool photos.  Not all of them worked out well, but some of them were really great!  You'd never know I'm using a point and click camera they look so good.  I was a little concerned though because the newly planted plumeria do not like to be wet.  The instructions specifically said not to water except once every week and a half or so or they would rot.  I'll have to be really careful to bring them inside from now on if it looks like rain.  
The pointsettias were beginning to rot in the house over the winter because the aluminum foil wrapper around the pot was holding all the water.  They smelled to high heaven when I brought them outside, took off the wrappers and watched the stinky water pour out.  I thought I would pass out from the smell.  I was certain they were going to die since they were so soggy and stinky.  I tossed all of the plants that looked like they had a remote chance of living (about 6 plants) into a single pot with some soil and said a few prayers over them.  I deprived it of water for some time and then slowly started watering it on it's normal schedule again after it seemed to start to recover.  When it seems like it's doing well enough I'll cut it back so it's not spindly and a bit more full.  But, right now I would rather see it healthy more than anything.  As you can see from the photo, it's still on the mend but not looking too bad.  Pointsettia plants, native to Mexico,  like it hot and good drainage.  Drying out a little between waterings is what this plant likes.  Too much water as we saw will kill it.  This is a zone 10 and higher plant, but I've managed to keep mine alive without a problem in zone 9b and they grow quite large.  Obviously, these plants cannot tolerate frost at all and must be brought inside at any threat of hard or soft frost threat.  The nurseries get their colors for the Christmas holidays by depriving them of light for 14 hours at a time for a couple of months from the month of November onward.  I found that  I got the same color right around the holidays or just after by doing nothing at all.  These are not the easiest plants and I see my neighbors throw them away year after year to my chagrin.  
The beans seem to be recovering from the whitefly incident well enough to be beginning to flower.  This means I can look forward to seeing some beans soon! YAY!  Take a look at what I saw today.  You can see that some of the leaves still look a little goofy but the plant itself seems to be recovering nicely.    Look at that gorgeous, little, white blossom.  I am so happy I got those sticky, yellow cards and even more happy I have extras on hand in case those miserable little buggers come back.  

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