Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deer Resistant Plants & Tools for Her
I mentioned that I was going to investigate if I could plant the new lavender plants outside of the birdcage (another name for the screen around the patio).  Well, I found a nice website that gives a pretty good list of deer-resistant plants, meaning the deer will not eat the plants.   Since the lavenders need full sun, the next step will be to check the sunlight where I plan on planting them using my cool, little toy that tells me if an area is shade, partial shade, partial sun or full sun.  
There has been this mini-tug-o-war battle at our house lately about garden tools.  You might wonder why. A shovel is a shovel.  But....I have been doing my research.  I'm really good at research as you will come to learn the longer you read these posts.  Think about this a bit.  A man picks up a shovel in one hand like it's no big deal, puts it into the ground and it sinks in covering at least a portion of the the spade face.  He only needs to put a teeny part of his foot on the spade bowl foot space and plunges it straight down into the soil without too much effort and it goes directly vertical.  Now, let's think about a woman using a shovel.  She puts the shovel into the soil on an angle, takes little bits of dirt at a time because it's heavy.  Now, of course this is not all women.  Some are a bit stronger than others.  But on average, most of us do not dig directly vertical, we tend to put our entire foot on the spade and, in fact, if I'm having a very hard time, I jump on it with both feet!  I'm short, so the handle is always too long for me and the shovel is always heavy before I even get any soil on it.  With all this said, I found tools made for women or men who tend to be built a bit more like us, shorter or with less muscle mass.  I want a couple of them and my husband thinks I should be fine with the tools we've been using over the years.  :)  If you think you'd like to check out these tools that are more geared for how the fairer, gentler of the species uses tools, the maker is Green Heron Tools.

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