Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Orchid  Blossoms 
Cymbidium ready to bloom
I had 3 Phalenopsis orchids at one time, one of them was a rescue with the saddest, most dried out wrinkled up old leaves that I got for half price from the local Lowes store.  I didn't buy it because it was cheap.  I chose it because it had the most lovely deep purple blossoms with yellow spots that form lines and a little white face in the center.  I dare to be different and I want my flowers and garden to dare to be different as well.  This is why I have a white bird of paradise and not the orange like all my neighbors.  :)    Anyways, this wrinkly-leaved, rescue orchid bloomed again today!  This is the third time since I got it last summer.  When I watered the Cymbidium orchid today I noticed that it looks like it's about ready to pop as well.  I expect that it should not be long before we get to see the beautiful blossoms there too. I'm working hard to try to get the other orchids (several Cattleyas, 2 Vandas and 1 Oncidium) to bloom for the very first time.  I'm feeding them on a weekly basis now as a means to try to get them to bloom.  I also was a bit naughty and ordered 3 new orchids from Orchid Master this week.  They are my favorite place for 
Golden Elf Cymbidium Orchid
Dragon Cat Cattleya Orchid
getting orchids because I can get blooming sized orchids that I know grow in Florida and often they are some interesting hybridization that I find very attractive or have something that makes them unique.  For instance they had one on sale this week that was burgundy that smelled like chocolate.  They have a large selection to choose from and I've never had a plant from there die yet. There's one other little quirky thing about me and my shopping  here - I prefer to buy American if at all possible.   I chose 3 yellow orchids in my little shopping spree this visit.  

Chinese Lily
 Remember when I said the Chinese lilies had doubled?  Last year I bought a plant that had 3 blooms.  This year, this it looks like I have bit more than 3 little stems coming up.  By my count it looks like we have 6 or 7 coming up this year.  I just wish they would hurry up already!!!  I'm so impatient sometimes.  I have not seen any signs of the Curcuma Ginger coming back.  I keep watering the pot hoping against hope.  I have been pulling the weeds that come in and checking it but so far nothing.  This was one of the prettiest plants I've ever had.  I would be heart broken to not have it come back.  The double impatiens are beginning to get even more blossoms and they are so pretty.  They look like little baby roses to me.   
Double Impatien

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