Monday, March 12, 2012

Living Wreath
I found this cool little project I wanted to try.  Planting a living wreath.  I finally got my act together and ordered the supplies this past weekend from Save-On-Crafts.  The instructions for the wreath are from English Gardens.   I picked up the sheet moss and the wire wreath frames.  While the wreath frames aren't exactly what the instructions called for, they were pretty close.  I expect this weekend to put it all together.  Save-On was the least expensive for these material and I spent hours looking for this stuff and checking for the lowest prices. I'm not sure if I'll use the pansies or not, because these will be on the southern exposure in Florida and virtually no shade.  I also want to snatch up some of the seeds from that gorgeous purple azalea I showed you under the lugustrum a few days back.
If you are handy at all or have a handy housemate, I have another little project for you.  Take a gander at this beauty. 
 It seems pretty easy to build on your own, as long as you remember that you need to have a resting spot for each plant so the soil does not wash away.  I'd say slip a half tube (like a gully or ditch) into each hole and then make sure to affix it in place with caulk.  Then, you can put the small plant into the opening so it will grow out of the opening.  If you want the easy way out, you can always purchase it.  Check out Green Head for details.

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